Cornerstone Psychological Services
Psychological Services

Cornerstone Psychological Services seeks to help others gain success in:

  • Interpersonal Relationships
      • (marriage, parenting, work place, etc.)
  • Fluctuating Moods
      • (sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, anger, rage, etc.)
  • Compulsive Behaviors
      • (gambling, sexual, spending, etc.)
  • Occupational Stress
      • (time management, productivity, etc.)
  • Life Management Stress
      • (task completion, over commitment, conflict resolution, etc.)

Cornerstone Psychological Services also works in conjunction with:

Campion, Barrow & Associates
Grow it Forward, LLC
Diane Strike, Ph.D., LP, LLC
Sharon Anderson, MS, LMFT 
Christy Anderson Jacob, Ph.D., LP

Campion, Barrow & Associates provides a full array of Assessment Procedures.
Campion, Barrow & Associates is a leader in assessments for Public Safety Positions
Campion, Barrow and Associates offers
Independent Psychological Examinations
                                Providing the highest quality, most accurate and 
                                        reliable psychological assessments.

               Assessments include:  two or more objective tests, a test of mental alertness,
a mental status exam, a clinical structured interview.
                       These are not considered a neuropsychological assessment or a medical test.

Grow it Forward, LLC  provides Personal/life and Professional Coaching Services

         Personal/life coaching:                             Professional/business coaching:

  • Develop self-awareness & knowledge                    - Achieve professional & business goals
  • Achieve personal goals                                          - Build resiliency &  emotional competencies 
  • Improve relationships                                               - Develop leadership capabilities
  • Overcome self-limiting behaviors                           - Late stage career renewal    

                                    Coaching may be face to face or by phone

Diane Strike, Ph.D,. LP, LLC
provides therapy for a variety of personal and life issues.  

            Dr. Strike specializes in working with individuals with both hidden and visible disabilities.
                Such disabilities include sensory, systemic and mobility issues. 

Sharon Anderson, MS, LMFT works with a variety of people in all different stages of life.

She brings a grounded presence and relationship skills to her work with adults, couples and adolescents.

Kathrine Daniels, Ph.D, LMFT - Milestones Family Resources

Works with adolescents, adults, couples and families. 

Christy Anderson Jacob, Ph.D., LP  Works with adolescents, adults, couples and families. 

Utilizes an integrated, holistic strengths oriented approach

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