Cornerstone Psychological Services
Effective Living

Life has changed a lot in the past decades
and this has brought challenges into our lives
which we would not have thought of during a previous time

Psychological Distress occurs when factors such as:

    • life's fast pace
    • intense social issues
    • volatile financial environments
    • new forms of families

   become overwhelming.  

What we then experience is often a new struggle
in how to manage life and move through each day.

 Psychological Health is a life goal that is defined in many different ways.

Life goals which people often strive for are:

    • To be able to function in life in a responsible and effective manner
    • To achieve a successful level of autonomy
    • To experience successful decision making and goal achievement
                                                       as a part of everyday life.

Psychological Health occurs when a person lives 
        in a manner that is congruent with their personal values. 

For the Christian Psychological Health involves living 
        in a manner that is congruent with their Christian Beliefs.

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